Mallorca, the largest island in the beautiful Balearic archipelago, is located just off the Spanish coast, south of Barcelona. A mere 2 hour flight time from most major European cities and with an international airport that is connected to 146 destinations in 27 countries, this charming island is in prime position for remote working in Europe.

Even from the plane, on the approach to land in its capital city Palma, its utterly unique and captivating beauty is sure to have you under its spell. Each of its four corners offers something different in terms of scenery. From its majestic mountain ranges, rugged coastlines, charming turquoise rocky bays with crystal clear waters, long sweeping beaches with soft, silky sands, pine forests, picturesque ports, a cosmopolitan city, historical towns, authentic villages, farmlands and vineyards, working remotely in Mallorca will be an abundant experience indeed!

The island’s boom in tourism brought many upgrades. It has fantastic infrastructure and transport services, with roads that give ease of access to every part of the island, reliable internet services, range of accommodation including first class hotels, designer villas, chic apartments, rustic fincas and co-living spaces. It’s healthcare services are outstanding, its gastronomy divine, it has a number of exclusive marinas, designer shopping, a plethora of water sports activities, local market days selling fresh island produce, culture, history, vineyards making some of the best wines in Europe and of course, plenty of professional workspaces to work remotely from and in a covid-safe environment!

Best of all, with 300 days of guaranteed sunshine each year, pleasant temperatures out of the high season and a luminescent quality of light, your world is sure to look more vibrant here! Its temperate climate offers an outdoors lifestyle, encouraging health, vitality, plenty of inspiration for your mind, exercise for your body and fresh air in your lungs.

We believe that remote working in Mallorca really does have everything you could want from a remote working location, but don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it all for yourself. You’ll be sure to wonder why you didn’t come sooner…



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