Mallorca: a beautiful destination for remote work and retreats.

Today, it’s just as easy to work remotely from Nottingham or Mallorca. Having said that, we know first-hand, that living and working in the Mediterranean is an absolute dream come true! We make the experience seamless for you, enabling you to exchange the desk in the corner of your home, for a professional space in a fully equipped, beautiful, natural and inspiring environment.

Local agency

The MBS office in Mallorca’s vibrant capital city of Palma, has been successfully organising national and international corporate trips on the island for 20 years. We know the market very well and in this time, we have built up an extensive and trusted network of collaborators. We manage everything you’ll need, so that you won’t lack anything during your stay on the island.

Host service

We want you to feel thoroughly at home in Mallorca. Through our trusted suppliers, we will work to ensure that your experience here is both productive and rewarding for your work, with the added chance for you to enjoy an authentic and local life experience whilst you’re here. From relaxing, sporty and inspiring outdoor activities, to bars, restaurants and home delivery in your area, we will take very good care of you.

Our services

If you have never thought of working in Mallorca, now is the perfect time to consider it as we are at hand to help you!

We know that coming to work here sounds like you’ll be living a dream on one hand, but on the other, it may bring some concerns, such as finding the ideal work atmosphere, a good WIFI connection, adequate accommodation, leisure activities, how to meet people, etc…

Our 20 years of experience working with corporate groups has enabled us to know exactly how to achieve a productive work stay in a glorious Mediterranean environment, without having to sacrifice one thing.

Special Partners

As you know, our goal is to help you find quality of life and productivity at work in a Mediterranean atmosphere. For this reason we adapt to your needs, but have carefully selected preferred partners who offer professional and authentic environments.


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