Do you need to develop a new strategic plan? Build a new team? Launch a new project?  After months of isolation, changing your business’s environment offers significant benefits.

Consider hosting your next meeting in Mallorca and you will be sure to increase the productivity of your employees. We have a committed and qualified team to organise everything you need, and have designed a professional company retreat service to help revive your corporate spirit.

We offer 100% tailor made attention to detail. We are committed to your objectives and work to facilitate their realisation. We provide support in the organisation of all kinds of professional meetings, to enhance team creativity, budget meetings, product launches, strategy meetings, incentives and much more.

And, if you want to create an office in Mallorca to motivate your workers and attract new talent, we will support you in your search for space as well as all the necessary bureaucratic procedures.  You will be able to continue to provide a seamless service to your British or international clients from the Mediterranean, thanks to remote working and its new technologies.

Discover the magic of Mallorca with our services

If you want to offer your employees a space to increase their creativity whilst reducing everyday stress, Mallorca is your ideal choice. We organise a unique and professional experience, in a Mediterranean environment, with the greatest respect for the environment.

We have almost two decades of experience in the logistics and organisation of corporate events. In addition, our team is very familiar with the British and international mindset and work style, allowing us to create an environment of comfort, adapted to your standards and expectations.

We have several environments to locate your team of professionals. You can choose between spaces in urban or rural environments, in the middle of nature or by the sea.

Wherever you choose, we will create inspiring stays that will contribute to professional motivation. The natural environment here is most relaxing and comfortable, rendering it ideal for re-thinking strategies and making important decisions at a corporate level.

Why choose us for company retreats?

Although we have years of experience with corporate groups, our philosophy drives us to keep constantly improving. It is because of this drive and motivation that we are able to offer exclusive and complete services, taking care of even the finest of details.

Here are some of our guarantees to you

Professional facilities

Although it is evident that the natural environment of the Mediterranean is a big plus point, it is not the only thing we can offer you. We have many facilities equipped for professional purposes, with reliable internet connectivity, comfortable and functional furniture, and the latest in virtual tools and technology for making high quality video calls. If you have any other technical requirements, simply ask and we will arrange it on your behalf.

Holding corporate meetings in Mallorca is easy, comfortable and unique with our services.

Concierge service: Specialised attention

We pay close attention to your every need through joining forces with our trusted suppliers, to ensure that there is no lack of detail. If something unforeseen should arise, our team is specialised in the fast and efficient resolution of problems.

We also maintain a line of communication with you which is available full tiem. You will be attended at all times by competent personnel and well spoken English.

We also have experience in organising team building and activities to further develop and enhance teamwork.

Personalised service

We offer a bespoke service adapted to the expectations of each and every client, including various types of accommodation, a broad range of technical equipment and a superb variety of leisure activities. We understand that transferring a whole work team and achieving its different requirements, requires adaptation, diversity and flexibility.

Full service

Our team, dedicated to company retreats, also arranges all food, transport, laundry and extra requirements that you may need.

Although our service focuses on the professional aspect, we also organise complementary introductory activities to our local culture, gastronomy and people, to help you get settled in.

Advantages of our Company Retreats
  • Professional support service from the very first planning stages, to the end of the stay.

  • Professional spaces in a beautiful Mediterranean environment, ideal for increasing productivity and reducing stress.

  • Spaces equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, adequate lighting and all the technical requirements that you may request.

  • Spaces that encourage creativity and inspiration.

  • A wide range of complementary activities including golf, hiking, sailing, kayaking, balloon rides, yoga, mindfulness, nutritionists and probably everything else you can imagine!

  • Reliable service team available full time.

Experience your best meetings in Mallorca

We have been working with international clients for many years, providing this type of service to many different corporations. We have successfully attended to all kinds of needs, and have achieved greatly enhanced levels of care and professional motivation.

Our commitment is directly related to our perfectionism and the care of even the smallest of details. We are always seeking to give the very best service to our clients.

What are you waiting for? We have everything you need for your next corporate meeting in Mallorca!



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