Moving to another country can be the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life, but if you are not well prepared, you might end up feeling a little lost, even wanting to go home. Our concierge service stands out for its thoroughness and efficient fulfillment of each assigned task.  We have years of experience in customer service and have developed a broad methodology, to ensure that we meet the expectations of each client.

Being in another country is usually exciting, but it can also raise many questions, such as how to find the ideal work environment, what activities to do, which people to contact etc… At Nomads in Mallorca, we strive so that our clients’ experience will be complete.

This is one of the reasons why we organise activities that allow you to learn more about life here in Mallorca.

We provide information about the best places to visit, activities that are available at any time of the year,and the location of local producers, particularly high quality organic and free range products. We will also support you in any need regarding health or education. And, if wine is your thing, we will take you to the most authentic wineries on the island.

Don’t want to miss the news or favourite shows from your country? Don’t worry, we can also manage all of this for you. Want to know which day is market and in which town, where to eat, etc? We have a network of carefully selected and trusted providers to meet any need, so that you always feel at home.

And through our Nomads in Mallorca Club, we will put you in contact with local professionals, resident entrepreneurs and leaders of companies of recognised prestige. Exchanging ideas, creating and strengthening connections, listening to the community, and catching up with other professionals during club programs are our club’s main goals for you.

Professional assistance for safe stays

Are you considering relocating your office to Mallorca? Would you like to plan a corporate trip? We offer you a personalised professional service to meet your individual or business expectations.

Two decades of experience in the dedication of organising events has provided us with the knowledge of exactly how to satisfy each and every one of the requirements.

Organisation of services

We want the stay of each individual person or international group to be as enjoyable as it is fruitful. This is why we take all the necessary steps to accomplish the perfect use of time, and a high level of efficiency.

Our structured team will attend to a variety of services including accommodation, provision of technical equipment, car rental, transportation hire, private chefs, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, leisure activities as well as any other need that may occur to you whilst you’re away from home. We will work to create a healthy and happy living environment.

Full time assistance

During your stay, you will have access to a personalised communication line. You will be attended at all times by competent personnel in English.

We never allow unforeseen events or language barriers to affect the quality of our services.

Although we have years of experience, our goal is to continue growing, being receptive to improvements and guaranteeing you the most eloquent of attention. We will always be here for you!

Excellent hosts

We have a committed team of professionals who will be attentive to each of your needs. In addition to helping you organise the space to carry out your professional activities, we will provide food support through private chefs, delivery services and even advice on nutrition, education and health, a laundry service, outdoor activities and anything else you may need.

Start your project with us. We will help you find superb quality of life and happiness at work, in a gorgeously Mediterranean environment.



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