One of Mallorca’s most sensational assets is the Mediterranean Sea, and there is no better way to experience it than by boat.

If in your spare time, you love the sea and escaping into tranquility, this experience is made for you! If you haven’t explored the sea too much before, now is the perfect time to because you are in the ideal paradise.

Many dream to be on or by the sea with a refreshing glass of wine in hand after a long day at work. Being in Mallorca allows you to navigate when and how you want. We offer you a complete service, so that you can fully enjoy your nautical experience the best possible way.

Prices will vary according to what you request, including the size and type of boat and the duration of hire. All services include a skipper who will take you wherever you desire, and an attentive onboard service will ensure that you have everything you need when it comes to food and drink. If you want to completely disconnect from the stress and chaos of working life, you can also request diving facilities whilst onboard, and escape to explore the island treasures that are hidden underwater.

After enjoying many intensive activities, a little relaxation goes a long way, and this next extraordinary experience serves to relax and de-stress you, whilst you enjoy the azure, turquoise and cobalt blues of the water that surrounds the island…

Do you know that the oldest ship in the Spanish fleet lies in Palma? We have been lucky enough to sail on her several times and enjoy her uniqueness. Mallorca is not just a destination, but a place to live and experience dreams!

Whether sailing or motoring, experience the Mediterranean in the best way possible, with Nomads in Mallorca.



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