Have you ever wondered why everyone loves to visit Mallorca?  Our guided tours of the island will leave you in no doubt!

The Caves of Drach, Palma Cathedral, Bellver Castle, Formentor, Valldemossa, Sóller, Palma city are just some of the best known and most impressive locations. The beaches with their crystalline waters and the majestic mountains are also sensational, and we’d love for you to take the opportunity to enjoy everything that Mallorca has to offer. A walk from Orient up to the Castillo de Alaró is memorable, and not just for the views. The traditional Mallorcan rustic restaurant half way up, has been serving deliciously melt in the mouth lamb for decades!

This is just one example of the routes that our guides can help you discover.

Guided tours are the most authentic way to discover what lies beyond the Mallorca you see on postcards, the one people only know as a holiday destination.

Likewise, you can choose what and where you want to visit, and how, according to your tastes.  Breathtaking routes for walkers and cyclists through hidden lanes are just some of the endless possibilities that our guides will offer you.  During the journey, they will also be able to show you places that are not usually accessible to everyone, allowing you to travel the island and get to know it beyond what appears in the published guides.

And then, if one day you have some extra free time or need to disconnect after work, you can visit these places again, just like a Mallorcan!

Work, relax and enjoy present moments in a natural environment, as if you were a local.



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