If being near the sea is not one of your priorities, living in a town has many advantages and will allow you to enjoy a quiet and cultural environment where ancient customs still exist.

In the towns in the center of the island, tourism is not so widespread, which means that you will find a peace and tranquil atmosphere and a more authentic experience of Mallorcan life.

When considering a town, your preferences are key. For example, if you are looking for an inland town that’s well connected, with many activities and an important international community, we would not hesitate to recommend Santa María.  But if the wine regions inspire you, then we can recommend Consell and Binissalem. If you desire to fully immerse yourself into an authentic Mallorcan life experience, Montuiri or Porreres are the places. Surrounded by fields, with access to exquisite local products, charming galleries and restaurants and well connected to Palma and the coastal areas, here you will find yourself working in a natural and authentic environment.

The Majorcans in these areas attach great importance to their local culture and traditions, whilst making an effort to welcome you, understand and help you. Many of them even speak English.

Let us recommend where you can work and live to feel like a true Majorcan whilst you are here.



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