Once on the island, you will have to decide how you wish to get around. To enjoy your free time to the maximum and have full mobility, you may want to have your own car, to be able to move freely and design your own routes.

Depending on your style, we can offer you traditional brand cars all the way up to the most luxury of models. And, as you will be in Mallorca, you will probably want to enjoy the good weather with a convertible! Perhaps you are more of an adventurer, in which case we can organise a 4×4 for you to explore the rugged terrain and many hidden gems.

Of course, if you come as a family, your priorities will be different and so we have family cars, minivans and car seats at your full disposal.

As you know, we are strongly focused on sustainability and thoroughly respect the environment, and so we will be very happy to provide you with a hybrid car. And, because of its low consumption, your pocket will also appreciate it!

We know that being a motorcyclist is a lifestyle and a passion. So for those of you who like to contemplate the landscape through a helmet, visors and on two wheels, we have a wide selection of models to offer you.

As you can see, we can fulfil any transport desire, but remember, if you opt for a convertible, remember the sunscreen!



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