In your free time as a digital Nomad in Mallorca, it is highly recommended that you head out into the countryside to experience one of nature’s sensational shows. ‘Sensational’ is the best word to describe the sights that await each January & February, as the almond trees put on their annual spectacular of beautiful white and pink blossoms, heralding the coming of Spring on the island of Mallorca. 

More than 4 million of these wonders of nature transfer the landscape into what could be mistaken as a scene from an enchanting fairytale. Originally from Asia, they were brought here by the Romans and have thrived on this Mediterranean island, thanks to its microclimate.

Their show may be short but their memories are lasting, captured forever by the many professional and hobby photographers who flurry to photograph the vast fields of bursting blossoms. Although they are dotted over the all parts of the island, the best concentration of them is found in and around the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, around towns including Soller, Bunyola, Alaró, Santa Maria, Marratxi & Sencelles, to name a few

Almonds are a much loved and popular product of the island, and of course, they are bursting with natural goodness. For many years, following their harvest in the late summer, these local delicacies have found their way into plenty of native recipes, including ‘Ajo Blanco’ – a cold almond soup, perfect for summer, ‘Gato d´Ametlla’ – a very popular Mallorcan almond cake, ‘Turrón’ – a much loved sweet Christmas confectionary staple, as well as in sauces to accompany fish dishes.

The island even has an almond fair, ‘Fira de la Flor d’Ametler’, hosted annually in the north eastern historic town of Son Servera. A variety of almonds and almond products, including food as well as arts & crafts, can be discovered and enjoyed.

This is just one of the island’s incredible natural phenomenons awaiting discovery, and one of the many beautiful benefits of being a digital nomad in Mallorca