At Nomads we believe that remote work is probably the best thing that has happened to island tourism. We believe in big changes, we believe in the revolution of remote work, and we believe this brings great opportunities for our beautiful island.

In the past, people looked for new opportunities in other countries where remote work was recognized. Now people are looking for different destinations with charm, good weather and a better lifestyle.

Being able to work in Mallorca will benefit those who want to work remotely from here, and will benefit the tourism industry in Mallorca.

Instead of being “fanatics” of building vacant apartments and hotels during the off-season, there are leaders who are already investing in co-living and co-working spaces. These real estate investments will receive a return on investment of 12 months each year and contribute to a sustainable economy throughout the year.

We strongly believe that we will never return to the traditional way of working. Every year, more people decide not to live in the city where their office is located. The hybrid way of working and teleworking have come to stay, so let’s think about how we can shape our island for the future.

If we have an increasing number of people working from anywhere and combining work with a great lifestyle, over time we will see a decrease in the number of people who will spend all their savings for two weeks in the summer.

What about you? Are you the same opinion?